iAnalytics:Infozech's Analytics Engine

Provide meaningful operational insights for intelligent business decisions

Key Operations and Business Challenges

Data readiness before analysis & gaining useful insights.

User and Site Tracking

Asset Performance Monitoring

Warranty Settlement

iAnalytics (Infozech’s Analytics Engine)

Collect data,Check for completeness & accuracy,Analyze data and Generate meaningful insights for intelligent business decisions

Benefits of iAnalytics

iAnalytics cleanses the data on the basis of all relevant parameters to achieve better efficiency in analysis

Battery analytics

  • Battery life prediction with respect to SOC range and regular performance analysis

Distance and route monitoring

  • Enables iTower users to keep track on sites and users location

Reporting features to track and control the sites cost

  • Budget control report
  • Moving average report
  • Cost report

– Site maintenance fixed costs

– Spare parts used tracked and cost calculated – month wise or site wise

Preventive Maintenance cost and details report

  • Highlights equipment needing frequent maintenance
  • Keeps track of respective cost of maintenance

Battery report

  • Battery discharge duration up to a threshold voltage
  • Power source usage duration


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