iBVR: Infozech's Best Value Recommender

Ensures accurate and detailed customer segmentation and identifies the right promotions for each segment.

Key Business Challenges in Campaign Management

Technological inadequacy leading to limited number of identifiable customer segments

Longer cycle times to process and run campaigns

Limited number of promotions that can be run

Inadequate measures for tracking and reporting of campaigns

Tracking is done at the circle level, and is not centralized

iBVR Solution Integration

Benefits of iBVR

Greater coverage: Ensures that CSPs reach a larger number of subscribers each month

Higher conversion rates: Ensures more precise customer segmentation

Increased revenue: Higher conversion rates translate into increased revenue. This also results in increased ARPU, which is critical for telecom operators

Satisfied customers, increased customer loyalty: Mobile subscribers who get the best value in terms of services and pricing are more likely to stay loyal to their CSP. This means assured revenue in the long term