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Asset Management++ Suite

Partnering for Growth

Infozech’s Asset Management suite offers comprehensive solutions that consists of proprietary technology that ensures you have continuous real time information to maintain your uptime with optimum efficiency while minimising Opex and Capex. Our solutions covers end-to-end aspects of Asset Lifecycle Management. 









Monitor your Assets through Infozech's Remote Operating Centre (iROC)

Infozech’s Remote Operating Centre (iROC) is a purpose built solution to empower Communication Service Providers with an ability  to monitor, manage and control their assets across different geographies.  It manages tower operations and reports critical issues as Alarms to drive immediate actions. It is a system and hardware agnostic IoT platform made with focus on improving site uptime and efficiently meeting SLAs.

Maintain your assets through Infozech’s Preventive & Corrective maintenance management solution (iMaintain)

Infozech’s Maintenance Management Solution empowers efficient site maintenance through comprehensive planning, tracking, reporting, and analysis of maintenance activities. It equips field teams with a mobile app for real-time data collection, ensuring the validation and upkeep of sites, whether for preventive or corrective maintenance.

Monitor, Manage, Predict and Analyse energy consumed by your assets on real time basis (iETS)

 iETS revolutionizes the way tower operators monitor & manage energy consumption to meet sustainability goals in an industry characterized by high energy expenses and environmental impact. It enables real-time energy tracking, reporting, and prediction, presenting consolidated data from multiple sites with variable power supply sources.  Notably, Infozech’s iETS manages energy costs valued at approximately 837.5 million US dollars across 300,000 towers.

Manage your Assets lifecycle seamlessly (iAsset)

Infozech’s iAsset is a cutting-edge cloud-based asset lifecycle management solution tailored for telecom towers. This IoT-powered platform serves as a central hub for asset intelligence, offering real-time insights, automated workflows, and predictive maintenance. By providing complete knowledge of asset potential, iAsset empowers organizations to digitally transform their operations and make informed decisions for optimizing asset management.

Organise, Manage and track your projects (iProject)

Infozech’s Project Management Solution revolutionizes project management with intelligent site and equipment planning, enhanced information accessibility, transparency, and rigorous process compliance. It efficiently organizes and tracks project activities, significantly boosting project management efficiency while preserving historical data for informed decision-making. 

Case studies



Apollo Towers wanted to install a robust and comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of Telecom tower infrastructure such as monitoring…



Infozech asset management system helps strengthen the link between Operational Excellence and Financial gain by presenting real-time information …




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    What Some of Our Customers Saying

    What our customers say

    "Infozech’s Site Monitoring Solution helped us by providing a single TOC System with seamless integration of multiple power vendors. This solution ensured a significant reduction of downtime and improvement in service level by assuring timely detection of problems"
    Philippe Luxcey
    Managing Director, Apollo Towers
    “We are seeing anything between 23 to 25 percent cost reduction in our operations. And that's huge. We are seeing a build-up of trust within the organization, between ourselves in technology, and the finance team . we are looking to deploy this tool to other domains of technology and hope that we can reap similar benefits."
    Barrack Odero, head of the regional network operations, Safaricom
    Barrack Odero
    Head - Regional network operations, Safaricom

    Infozech is an ISO 9001, 27001, and 20000 certified company. 



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