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Bill and Asset Reconciliation Solution from Infozech

Infozech’s Reconciliation engine is a configurable tool which reconciles two or more data sets to identify data discrepancies along with a reason.


Bill Reconciliation

Asset Reconciliation



Inadequate mechanisms to validate bills received from tower companies

Complex MSAs with TOCO

Higher chance of cost overrun as manual process is prone to un-intentional error

Retrieval of old invoices & data is hard – No historic data available online

Delay in Bill validation

Benefits of Infozech iReconciliation

Financial Paybacks

  • i. Billing done with all parameters agreed in MSA leading to correct payments.
  • ii. Site wise complete tracking of Credit/Debit notes for IP partners
  • iii. Trend analysis to arrive at optimal cost on the basis of
    • a. Rental
    • b. Consumption
    • c. EB rate
  • iv. Reduction in management overhead
  • v. Optimized manpower and use them in more productive activities to grow organization

Process Improvement

  • i. Transparent, consistent & person independent billing processes.
  • ii. Flexible & configurable, rule based billing logic layer to support current MSA as well as future MSA with minimal changes and faster turnaround.
  • iii. Generates accountability and transparency in billing reconciliation process
  • iv. Easy integration with third party systems

Audit Assistance

  • i. Maintains historical information as & when any data-set changes, for easy and quick access for reference & verification.
  • ii. Online data available to help in handling audits


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Infozech is an ISO 9001, 27001, and 20000 certified company. 



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