The telecom landscape is in a state of transition.

The telecom landscape is in a state of transition. While earlier, user acquisition used to be the primary measure of success for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), this is not true anymore. CSPs are under immense pressure to achieve profitable growth, cut costs, and earn Higher Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). In addition, the introduction of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) makes customer loyalty and customer satisfaction more important than ever for CSPs.

Passive infrastructure providers face their own share of challenges. The operating costs of tower sites are not easy to control. Lack of transparency in operations adds to the operational challenges they face.


Challenges faced by CSPs frequently include:

  • Falling ARPUs
  • Manual processes for customer segmentation and identification of promotional schemes


Some common challenges faced by Passive Infrastructure Providers are:

  • Rising energy costs
  • Time and distance constraints
  • Inefficient mechanisms to monitor processes at tower sites, leading to low accountability
  • Lack of transparency in processes, leading to unavailability of data from tower sites

Infozech has a clear understanding of these challenges, and designs its product offerings to help address them for its customers. Infozech products can be deployed both as part of a managed services offering and as a standalone deployment.

Energy Tracking Service (ETS): A service that helps passive infrastructure providers and energy management companies track and monitor energy consumption at tower sites.

Infozech Best Value Recommender (iBVR): An automated solution for improved user segmentation and closer identification of promotional schemes.

Mobile Applications: Targeted towards network providers who face time and distance constraints in efficiently managing their tower sites.

iTower- Infozech’s Tower Management Product Suite

Monitoring and Managing Tower



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