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Due Diligence - Digital Handover of Sites

M&As in the telecom tower market are taking place at a faster rate, and Industry analysts believe that the market will continue to see this consolidation. Once the acquiring company, a curved out tower company starts getting hand over of those sites, they face challenges of:

  • Collection, maintenance, management and manually updating the humongous amount of data for due diligence.
  • The authenticity of data shared by vendor conducting due diligence is in question due to lack of proofs
  • Tracking of assets through papers may not be reliable.

Infozech’s due diligence solution empowers Towercos, Telcos and any distributed infraco to gain real time control over site inventory. They can plan better for scope for additional tenancies and additional revenue streams. The data available to them for advanced modelling and prototyping is highly reliable and they can conduct improved predictive maintenance of sites and assets. It smoothly integrates with the ERP system and benefits the finance team of the organisation by providing FAR accuracy. With this accuracy in procurement forecasting best CAPEX investment decisions are ensured. This digital handover process makes audits and tracking of asset movement extremely effortless.

Our customers are reaping the benefits of the process. They are deriving more intelligence about the condition of assets and have seen improvement in decision making and capex planning.By creating a central asset repository they have observed 10% more asset utilization, 15-20% improvement in site asset visibility as well as a 5-8% decrease in unplanned downtime of sites due to identification of faulty assets in advance



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