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Battery Health Assurance

The Government’s as well as organization’s growing focus on reducing the carbon footprint will see a rise in the demand for batteries in the coming years. Also, a large number of telecom tower sites are either off-grid or located in problematic grid areas and rely greatly on backup power sources like the batteries . While the secondary power sources like batteries are a reliable solution for powering the sites, the inefficient planning and management of these sources cause problems impacting the energy expenditure of telecom tower companies. The frequent stress on battery banks, delays in identification of problems in battery bank impacts battery CAPEX significantly year on year.

Infozech’s battery health assurance solution empowers Towercos, Telcos and any distributed Infracos to improve battery life and increase the battery banks efficiency across sites. Organizations can maintain healthy battery life on sites, and avoid the problem of deep discharge. The battery life is increased by two years. They can identify and tag sites with extreme discharging of batteries on a daily basis below the recommended threshold and further reduce CAPEX and OPEX expenses on battery banks.

Some of our customers who benefitted from this solution could identify up to 50% of the sites with improper battery charging issues. They could rectify the issue of frequent deep discharge with the system automatically generating a ticket in such a case.



Infozech is an ISO 9001, 27001, and 20000 certified company. 



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