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Reducing Cost of Energy

Campaign Manager and Recommender Suite

iTelco Success Story


A leading Indian mobile network operator


Best Value Recommender
Infozech’s iBVR module provides Right fit recommendation engine to operators in order to retain customers for longer term commitments


The customer is a South African venture that has rapidly become the pioneering broadband and multi-services (voice, video, data, DSTV and VAS services) provider in Africa, connecting 6,000 homes and businesses across the country. Its industry-leading solutions are specifically designed to meet the complex requirements of its fast-growing customer base.


  • Incompetent campaigns with limited
  • promotions
  • Outreach issues
  • Subscribers churn
Manual process for running the campaigns which results into:

  • Limited number of customer segmentation
  • Delay in report generation & tracking
  • Inefficient ROI tracking


Infozech conceptualized the problem and built a comprehensive system – iBVR. This system can be easily integrated with multiple channels like mobile applications and CRM software etc. Bill data is imported to the software within just 30 hours of bill generation. This product analysis the subscriber usage and applies filters as per segmentation rules. Consequently it allows the client to run the campaigns without any considerable delays.The operator can monitor various campaigns running in different circles at a single platform. RoI calculator is available in iBVR system which can measure the campaign efficiency in terms of Investment. The system also has an Inbuilt RA module for ensuring no revenue Leakage. It also enables the end user to effortlessly find out the best recommended plans for them.


  • iBVR provides powerful customer analytics
  • Automates complex marketing campaigns
  • Increases outreach
  • The solution recommends plans in a speedy fashion based on subscribers need
  • Reduces errors/ delays/ people dependency
  • Improves conversion rate
  • Track effectiveness of campaigns via centralized tracking
  • It provides holistic view of customers
  • Enhances portability by segmentation and targeting
  • Increasesthe chances of customer retention and long term commitments
  • Revenue uplift



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Infozech is an ISO 9001, 27001, and 20000 certified company. 



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