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Reducing Cost of Energy

Optimizing Energy Usage

iTower Success Story


A Leading Passive Infrastructure Provider


Energy Tracking Service
With an innovative, cost-effective mechanism in place to monitor fuel distribution and consumption across its tower sites, a pioneering telecom infrastructure provider can now optimize its fuel consumption


The client is one of the world’s leading passive infrastructure provider. It has 40,000 towers and close to 100,000 tenancies. With a proposed rollout of 20,000-25,000 towers in the next few years, it targets a tenancy ratio of 2.8 times the current usage levels. The client is committed to its green initiatives and wants to optimize energy usage as part of these initiatives.


  • Lack of a transparent data collection mechanism
  • Reconciliation issues
  • High operational expenditure
  • Long billing cycles


Infozech offered Energy Tracking Service (ETS), an innovative solution that involved no CAPEX, and went on to reduce management overheads for the client. Infozech’s value proposition lay in its field-level domain expertise. Infozech also trained field staff as part of the implementation process.


  • Time savings, improved decision making
  • Improved cash flow
  • Revenue leaks plugged
  • Reduced operational expenditure
  • Going green



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Infozech is an ISO 9001, 27001, and 20000 certified company. 



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