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Cost Reduction in Preventive Maintenance Activities

Tower companies that own and operate multiple tower sites as well as monitor and manage the equipment present there often require the field force to make multiple visits on the same site for Preventive maintenance activities. The site maintenance activities carried out by technicians and field force are based on field data for energy management (monitoring of generators & visit planning), fuel management (refueling planning), and environment management (site maintenance). They also have to deal with unplanned site visits. The poor maintenance has a significant impact on Tower company’s profitability, the SLA’s and leads to revenue leakage.

Infozech’s PM Cost reduction solution enables Towercos and operators with the right technology to address this challenge. It helps them in consolidating similar tasks to avoid repetitive site visits. The cell tower managers can predict and plan to execute all the pending tasks at site on a single day or with minimal visits of the technicians.

The customers who have used this solution have seen upto 55% reduction in site visits in a month by consolidation of multiple visits and up to 50% cost reduction on Preventive Maintenance activities. This solution is able to generate more value for our customers by reducing up to 50% of their time on planning site visits.



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