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Tower energy management and data Analytics in India –iETS -Infozech | Infozech

In order to optimize energy usage, tower operators have to monitor the supply, distribution, and consumption of fuel. Infozech has developed an innovative service offering that enables real-time energy tracking, reporting, and prediction. Infozech’s ETS presents consolidated data from multiple sites with variable power supply sources across each site. This solution involves no capital expenditure.

iETS helps the client to monitor its fuel supply and distribution, electricity usage, and sources of electricity through energy data records over the mobile network. Infozech’s Energy Tracking Service (iETS) manages energy costs worth about 837.5 million US dollars across 150,000 towers in India.

iETS: Infozech's Energy Tracking Service

Real Time Energy Tracking, Prediction and Analytics


High operating expenditure:
- Energy costs account for 30% -34% of the total operational expenditure for a telecom tower company.

Diesel pilferage losses:
- Diesel pilferage losses of around 20% have been observed in the industry which further increases energy costs.

Increased carbon emissions:
- More than 3 billion liters of diesel is consumed annually to power telecom towers

Lack of a transparent data collection mechanism

IETS (Infozech's Energy Tracking Service)

To help the business in overcoming these challenge, Infozech brings an innovative service offering that enables real time energy tracking, reporting and prediction.

Benefits of iETS

Collects and validates power & fuel data in real time

Improves tracking of diesel distribution and consumption

Daily reconciliation of energy consumption

Monitors and controls operational parameters through dashboards

Revenue leaks plugged

Reduced operational expenditure



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Infozech is an ISO 9001, 27001, and 20000 certified company. 



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