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Data Reconciliation Solutions

Telecom operators have thousands of tower sites spread across different geographies. Each of these sites has its own passive infrastructure setup and operational cost in terms of rent, location, power consumption, fuel used, equipment installed etc. Multiple operators share the same tower site for installation of their active equipment, and distribute the cost of operation between themselves.

Telecom companies(Telcos) pay large sums of money to tower companies for infrastructure and energy consumption on a monthly basis. Rental fees are computed and paid based on the MSAs signed between Telcos and tower companies. Most of the time, MSAs are complex to understand, contains multiple clauses with addendums which adds to the complexity. Telcos have limited resources and mechanisms to reconcile and validate the bills and most of the time these activities are highly person dependent and prone to human errors which lead to monthly losses.

Data Reconciliation processes are required at different stages (Asset Management, Operator Billing, Vendor Billing, Diesel Allocation) of Telecom Tower Industry. Each business function (O&M, Finance, Opex Controller) performs several steps of reconciliation to reach to the desired outcome.


Key Challenges

  • Lack of Central Repository:
    Mismatch of tower type records in different copies of data with Finance, O&M and Inventory
  • Unoptimized Asset Data/No single source of truth leads to:
    • 10-30% of fixed assets are no longer owned
    • 65% of fixed asset data is inaccurate, incomplete or missing
    • Multiple copies of same data with every department
  • Poor financial performance:
    • Top 30 Telcos has $2.4 trillion book value of assets
    • Average Debt to Equity Ratio across top 30 Telcos >1, Highly leveraged
    • 15-16% of sales invested in fixed assets each year
  • No Asset Tracking:
    • Lack of real time tracking of Asset movement (DG, Battery or BTS) from one site to another
    • Incorrect entry of mode of procurement ( Sold, Purchased or leased) of same asset in different copies of data
  • Poor Billing Compliance:  Missing records of Request for Installation (RFI) & Request for Service (RFS) dates in parameters for billing




Each sites have approximately assets worth 30 lakhs and iRecon provides the full knowledge of what you own and its true potential which is the first and important step in developing a robust asset optimization strategy.

Infozech’s Reconciliation Engine: Infozech’s Reconciliation engine is a configurable tool which reconciles two or more data sets to identify data discrepancies along with a reason.

iRecon has two modules :

  • Billing Reconciliation:Reconciles the multiple billing data files and identify discrepancies along with a reason to generate accurate billing and prevent revenue leakages.
  • Asset Reconciliation:Identifies the required  parameters amongst 200+ asset parameters and reconciles them and further generate successful and unsuccessful reconciliations report thereby creating a 100% reconciled data repository.



  • Maintain unified asset register
  • Accurate MSA configuration
  • Provide analysis to reach to an optimal cost
  • Bill validation


Key Benefits

  • Centralized asset repository
  • Transparency
  • Compliance
  • Bill validation on a button click
  • Trend analysis to arrive at optimal cost on the basis of
    • Rental
    • Consumption
    • EB rate
  • Bonus/penalty for best/worst site/circle


Customer Speak

iRecon is the only system available in market which generates accountability and transparency in reconciliation process.

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