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Reconciliation Solutions

Overview – Our Billing Reconciliation Solution, iRecon, resolves issues related to discrepancies in tower-type records across departments, offering a unified asset register and accurate Master Service Agreement (MSA) configurations. With a central asset repository, the solution enhances transparency, ensures billing compliance, and simplifies bill validation with a single click. Its analytical capabilities empower organizations to optimize costs by considering factors like rental, consumption, EB rates, and performance-based bonuses/penalties. Overall, Infozech’s Billing Reconciliation solution stands as a game-changer, streamlining asset management and boosting financial performance in the telecom sector.

Offering – Billing Reconciliation and Asset Reconciliation

      • Lack of Central Repository: Mismatch of tower-type records in different copies of data with Finance, O&M, and Inventory
      • Unoptimized Asset Data/No single source of truth leads to:
        • 10-30% of fixed assets are no longer owned
        • 65% of fixed asset data is inaccurate, incomplete or missing
        • Multiple copies of the same data in every department
      • Poor financial performance:
        • The top 30 Telcos have a $2.4 trillion book value of assets
        • Average Debt to Equity Ratio across top 30 Telcos >1, Highly leveraged
        • 15-16% of sales invested in fixed assets each year
      • No Asset Tracking:
          • Lack of real-time tracking of Asset movement (DG, Battery or BTS) from one site to another
          • Incorrect entry of mode of procurement ( Sold, Purchased or leased) of the same asset in different copies of data
      • Poor Billing Compliance: Missing records of Request for Installation (RFI) & Request for Service (RFS) dates in parameters for billing



  • Maintain a unified asset register
  • Accurate MSA configuration
  • Provide analysis to reach an optimal cost
  • Bill validation
Key Benefits
  • Centralized asset repository
  • Transparency
  • Compliance
  • Bill validation on a button click
  • Trend analysis to arrive at optimal cost based on
  • Rental
  • Consumption
  • EB rate
  • Bonus/penalty for best/worst site/circle



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Infozech is an ISO 9001, 27001, and 20000 certified company. 



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