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iAnalytics:Infozech's Analytics Engine

Provide meaningful operational insights for intelligent business decisions

The telecom tower industry is growing extensively with the ever-increasing customer base of operators across the world. This growing market has led to an increase in the number of towers and technologies used for spectrum – this in turn increases the need for people and assets that need constant monitoring. The need for business intelligence over passive infrastructure data which includes people, assets, and energy, has created a demand for an Intelligent tower management tool with an IOT-powered approach which helps business leaders to make accurate decisions quickly. However, the complexity of integrating all this data makes it hard for you to deliver the data quickly and efficiently.

Applying Analytics with IOT is only as good as the data—and only as fast as the platform that manages that data.

  • > Structured data
  • > Standard reports
  • > Adhoc reports
  • > Generic predictive analysis
  • > Optimization


Poor quality

Incomplete or Missing

Siloed in dozens of unassociated applications

Drawn from external sources

iAnalytics Tower Analytics Solution

Collect data,Check for completeness & accuracy,Analyze data and Generate meaningful insights for intelligent business decisions

Benefits of iAnalytics

Real-time dashboards

Better planning for replacements and repairs

Deriving intelligence from data and reporting through alarms


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