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iBill: Empowering Tower Companies with Automated and Intelligent Billing

In today’s world, seamless connectivity is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. As the need for network coverage continues to rise, advanced technologies like 4G and 5G are being implemented adding new equipment on tower sites. The very foundation of this process hinges on the tower structure. Increased tenancy ratios and evolving power models further adds complexity to site dynamics, making billing procedures all the more complicated. Tower companies want to ensure that this surge in demand is supported by a resilient and sturdy commercial structure to maintain growth and profitability effectively.

The existing billing process involves a laborious cycle of verifying, validating, and approving numerous invoices, placing an immense burden on both resources and time. Complications arising from factors like complex MSA MLA, data inaccuracies, and manual processes introduce errors, compounding the challenge. Consequently, delays in billing are a frequent occurrence, causing payments to extend beyond their deadlines – particularly significant for Towercos with bills amounting to millions of dollars. This delay has a substantial financial impact, disrupting the flow of operating cash required to ensure uninterrupted site operations. Moreover, this scenario not only demands the engagement of extra teams but also proves proves to be an expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient endeavor.

In this blog, we unravel the transformative potential of automated and intelligent billing systems that streamlines billing processes and empower tower companies to stay ahead in a highly dynamic telecommunications industry. An innovative billing solution that is precise and capable of handling different billing parameters. A system that is reliable and accurate, and does data validation.

Discover how Infozech’s iBill delivers a seamless tower billing experience to its customers.

What makes iBill – Infozech’s Tower IP & Energy Billing Solution a better choice?

iBill, by Infozech, specifically caters to the challenges faced by tower companies in billing their customers accurately and timely. It can handle multiple billing processes, including rental, energy, and fiber. iBill reduces manual effort via automation. It shrinks the billing time by about 58%. With iBill, customers have observed that the average billing period for towercos has gone down from 21 days to 12 days. Timely billing ensures smooth and enhanced cash flow and allows tower companies to focus on other strategic initiatives.

iBill stands out as a scalable billing solution that seamlessly integrates with existing systems like site management and ERP, creating a unified billing ecosystem. This integration provides a comprehensive view of the business, enhances data exchange, and hence, ensures accuracy and data consistency. It supports scalability as tower companies expand their infrastructure and tenant network.

iBill brings transparency to the whole billing process reducing disputes between the tower company and its tenant. It maintains comprehensive audit trails and historical data. Real-time data and customizable reports offer valuable insights and help in making data-driven decisions. iBill is an intuitive system that empathizes with the user and adapts as fast as them. It is lucid & flexible enough to let the user accommodate these changes seamlessly with faster TAT, ensuring a tailored solution that is unique to towercos’ business needs.

Watch Ankur Lal, our CEO, present iBill to industry leaders as Dragons in TowerXchange meetup MENA

About Infozech:

Infozech is a Technology solution partner serving large Tower Companies and Operators. With deep domain knowledge of the Telco-tower infrastructure business, we excel at understanding our client’s business processes and transforming them into efficient workflows for automation. We do this with our proven Software Modules, customization and configuration capabilities, services, and consultancy, in the Tower Domain business to ensure a faster TAT for our clients. We enable our customers to improve their Revenue assurance and power efficiency, by providing superior opex management and control. Thus, leading to better financial performance and enhanced end-customer experience. We do this by optimizing business processes and revenue management, reducing the cost of operations, maintenance, and energy, particularly reducing risks such as revenue leakage, and protecting capital assets.

Our purpose is to provide technology solutions that unlock enterprise value of distributed, mission-critical, and strongly networked technical assets.

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Infozech is an ISO 9001, 27001, and 20000 certified company. 



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