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Poll Verdict: Is the Telecom Tower industry delighted with their Remote Monitoring System?



Around the world, tower structures are helping telecommunication companies to provide connectivity even in the most remote areas. However, monitoring and managing the extensive list of passive infrastructure available at these sites is a subject of critical concern. Efficient management of towers is pivotal in retaining customers and plugging the revenue leakages. The towers in remote geographical locations are exposed to frequent site downtime and bogged with maintenance and energy issues heavily impacting the SLAs.


It won’t be wrong to say that for tower owners and telecom service providers remotely monitoring telecom tower sites and intelligently managing them has become more of a necessity. Effective monitoring of towers empowers tower operators and telecommunication companies in quickly addressing critical alarms and gaining more control over sites.


Current Analysis:


Figure1: Response breakdown of poll participants


On a recent LinkedIn survey conducted by Infozech many core industry people got candid and shared their responses for the issues faced with remote site monitoring. They shed more light on the features expected and required in an end-to-end site monitoring system. The findings from the poll and a short summary of the understanding is shared below:

  • 94% of the participants believe that tower companies are still troubled by the persistent problem. That is they face difficulty in solving critical issues because of lack of real time site visibility.


  • 82% of people acknowledged that in the absence of a remote monitoring system, tower companies worldwide experience a delay in taking actions on critical issues as there are no real time alerts.

Figure2: What is an inevitable feature an end-to-end site monitoring system must have?

  • Close to 44% of the industry people have agreed that ‘Interactive dashboards for descriptive analysis’ is a fundamental feature for an end-to-end site monitoring system. The ‘Intelligent alarm configuration’ was declared as the second key feature backed by 28% of the participants. While 17% believed that ‘Tower video surveillance with short recordings stored centrally’ is a prominent feature the RMS system must have.

Figure 3: What is the primary element Telcos and Towercos consider in a solution partner?

  • More than half of the survey takers (60%) admitted that Tower and Telecom companies weigh ‘Expertise’ more than ‘Ratings of a solution on a reliable channel’ or ‘Quick support and availability’ when looking for a solution partner.


  • 60% of the respondents admitted that their present RMS system is equipped with the primary features they require to avoid tower site failures and adequately manage tower assets. However, on the contrary, 40% acknowledged that telecom sites still lack a reliable RMS system to monitor and manage tower sites effectively.

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