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Data capturing for communication service providers –iROC - Infozech | Infozech

iROC (Infozech’s Remote Operating Centre) and iMaintain(Infozech’s Maintenance Management System are the modules of Infozech’s Tower Product Suite(iTower) is specifically built to provide Communication Service Providers with an infrastructure to monitor, manage and control their assets inside the Telecom Towers across different geographies. iTower delivers business value through Advanced and consolidated Tower Operation Center (TOC) with reduced MTTR.

iROC : Infozech's Remote Operating Center

Remote monitoring, control and management of Tower Operations


Multiple monitoring platform

High operational cost, Minimal control of TOC activities and
Limited visibility

Site offline/online issues: Due to the absence of communication between the site and server.

Absence of reporting mechanism: Delay in taking actions on critical events.

Remote Tower Operation Center

iROC manages tower operations and reports critical issues that drives immediate actions.

Benefits of iROC

Alarm Data Management – Trouble ticketing with flexible escalation workflow

Notification – Alert field staff by SMS, escalations by emails

Tower Equipment Health status – Battery health status, Fuel level at DG sets

Centrally managed NOC Services

Asset Management -Increase asset life by 10%

ERP Integration – Enables seamless information flow within enterprises

Analytics -for optimizing consumption, Analysing equipment performance, monitoring operations efficiency

Improvement in operational efficiency through actionable intelligence by 20%



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Infozech is an ISO 9001, 27001, and 20000 certified company. 



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