Communication Service Provider (CSPs) have to deal with multiple partners

Communication Service Provider (CSPs) have to deal with multiple partners, complex processes, high volume transactions and long cycle times. On top of this, customer churn is at an all time high, and CSPs have to find new ways to improve service quality.

With 14 years of experience, Infozech is closely familiar with the landscape that CSPs operate in. We excel at identifying the needs of our telecom customers and solving key challenges for them. Our end-to-end solutions enable our customers to increase their revenues, plug revenue leaks and become more competitive.


With Infozech’s solutions, customers get the following advantages:

  • Effective management of infrastructure
  • Simplified processes
  • Smarter insights from data
  • Higher service quality, reduced churn
  • Improved operator relations
  • Quicker entry into new markets


These are Infozech’s solutions:

  • Intra Circle Roaming Settlement (ICR):
    A comprehensive service to effectively manage settlement processes and control costs
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM):
    An offering to help CSPs measure service quality, build key insights and take effective action to improve customer experiences
  • Tower Billing:
    A centralized, fully automated solution to enable efficient monthly tower billing

iTower- Infozech’s Tower Management Product Suite

Monitoring and Managing Tower



Enable telecom operators with
Satisfied customers, increased
customer loyalty and Revenue