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iAsset: Infozech's Asset Management

Improving Asset Performance through monitoring, tracking and control

iAsset is Infozech’s cloud-based asset lifecycle management solution that integrates, informs, and instructs. IoT-enabled iAsset works as a ‘single strategic system’ enabling organizations to transform their operations, digitally. It provides complete knowledge of “what you own and its true potential” which is considered the first step in developing a robust asset optimization strategy.

iAsset adds intelligence to automated workflows, real-time alerts, insights from data, dynamic edge control of assets, predictive maintenance, cross-domain analytics, and real-time visibility. Infozech’s asset management system helps strengthen the link between Operational Excellence and Financial gain by presenting real-time information on asset lifecycle.

Key Operations and Business Challenges

Monitoring of Assets

Planning and tracking asset movement

Centralized Master Database

Asset Warranty and scrapping

iAsset (Infozech's Asset Management)

iAsset enables real time tracking, monitoring, control and ensuring the warranty of assets which leads to enhance asset's life.

Benefits of iAsset

Provides a centralized and hierarchical view of all sites’ assets


Capture and store all the site asset data in a master database


Tracks asset movement on real real-time basis and maintains site audit trail


Helps to utilize and enhance the life of assets through site health card


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Infozech is an ISO 9001, 27001, and 20000 certified company. 



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