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Creating a holistic digital twin framework to optimize Telecom and Tower company operations

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In this webinar, our speakers take you on an insightful journey of how tower and telecom companies can achieve their objectives with a holistic data approach and manage the collected data better with digital twin for improved site and asset visibility and enhanced maintenance. Watch it to find out how:

  1. Tower and telecom companies can embrace a holistic data approach to improve site and asset data collection and analysis to get the most value.
  2. How intelligence can be added to the collected data to enhance predictability and maintenance of site and assets through cloud using digital twin technology.
  3. How organisations can discard the legacy systems and utilise data to automate the process for proactive monitoring, tracking and management for improved site and asset visibility.

  • Curating the data journey: Digital transformation initiatives would yield a higher ROI only if they are backed with an efficient data strategy.


  • Creating a holistic framework: An effective data strategy aligned with organizational goals will help tower and telecom companies envision the holistic whole model and maintain a balance between data collection and data consumption.


  • Predictability and better maintenance: A data driven approach to analyze better performance and condition to forecast maintenance schedules enables better maintenance and predictability of entire Tower and Telecom operations.

  • What are the types of IoT Technologies used in the solution?

A number of IoT technologies can be supported by digital solution ranging from bar codes, qr codes, bluetooth sensors, smart meters or smart locks. It can also support more advanced solutions and linked to IoT sensors to catch data from there. Sensors like RMS can as well be integrated with this solution to capture data.


  • Can you explain something about your platform?

We have an integrated platform that captures data in abundance around different elements of the network, around different IoT elements as well as distributed elements from the cloud, mobile, or oss systems. The platform has an interactive interface which can track assets in the field through which we can link the mobile assets to the FAR (fixed asset register). By tracking like this you can observe a noticeable difference in the turnaround time and get access to instant information. Our platform enables you to turn your assets into cognitive assets by capturing data and turning it into actionable insights.


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