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Transforming through Technology.
Partnering for Growth.

Founded in 1999, we are a technology solution partner, specializing in serving large Telecom and Tower Companies. With an extensive understanding of the Telco-tower infrastructure business, we excel at comprehending your unique business processes and seamlessly converting them into efficient workflows through automation. With partnership and transformation in focus, we collaborate to significantly shift the way you work, think, and ultimately, thrive. We collaborate closely with you, revolutionizing your operational methods, thought processes, and ultimately, your growth trajectory.

For over two decades, we have played a pivotal role in reshaping the operations of Tower Companies and Telcos through our proprietary technology solutions. With forward-thinking and continually evolving digital solutions, combined with the power of data, we persist in our mission to TRANSFORM large Tower Companies and Operators. In doing so, we unlock the untapped enterprise value of distributed, mission-critical, and strongly-networked technical assets.

Our Approach:

    1. 1. Proprietary Technology based solutions
      We offer solutions based on our proprietary technology, coupled with customization and configuration capabilities, to streamline your operations.
    2. 2. Custom Tailoring based on deep domain expertise
      We possess profound expertise in the tower domain, enabling us to tailor our solutions precisely to your needs.
    3. 3. Comprehensive Services
      Our services and consultancy are tailored to the tower domain, ensuring a faster turnaround time (TAT) for our clients.

Infozech is headquartered in New Delhi, India. Infozech’s customers include leading telecom service providers and telecom infrastructure providers in MENA, Africa and Asia.

Meet our team


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Infozech is an ISO 9001, 27001, and 20000 certified company. 



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