Data Collection & Utilisation: Operational Efficiency and Enhance Uptime

Data Utilization

The tower businesses are undergoing a fundamental transformation- a strong focus on operational excellence and an ardent exploration of new business models. And, in today’s data intensive world of communications, Data traffic is exploding. This has led to unplanned rapid expansion by Telcos to offer more Data Services (and protect quality of service).

To meet the data needs, the telcos are augmenting Radios on existing tower or boosting signals by providing additional voltage to boost the signal. This, while being a potential opportunity of additional revenue for Towercos, often becomes challenging for the Tower companies to deal with. There is a surge of changes in sites (either in space or Power load) which has to be maintained for optimized operations and efficiency. This challenge can be transformed into an opportunity with efficiently utilizing the operational and energy data from the cornucopia of sources through analytical framework.

Well-chosen and well implemented methods for data collection and analysis are essential for all types of evaluations. What constitutes ‘successes’ and how the data will be analyzed and synthesized – should be geared towards the analytical framework by looking for patterns in a systematic manner to make insightful business decisions.

For instance, Energy costs are often treated as a pass- through to operators, leading to limited incentives for tower companies to contain costs. Inefficiencies are typically found in areas such as monitoring electricity and fuel consumption, equipment upkeep and equipment configuration including timely reading of diesel generators. In areas with limited grid power, these inefficiencies are compounded and lead to high pilferage and leaks.

The same data when captured and gathered in a planned way from all the sources and when properly analysed can reveal powerful insights and lead to impactful site- level performance and profitability.

Infozech’s applied analytics practice – helps the tower companies to harness and integrate new sources and new types of data in large volume and in real time. Infozech’s AI experts combine business and analytical skills and use Infozech’s cloud based iAnalytics platform to turn enormous raw data into actionable and meaningful insights, bringing a high value to decision making which helps to build competitive advantage and a more efficient cost structure. When used effectively, advanced analytics can not only significantly improve operations and margins but also spur growth.

Proper Data collection and Utilisation ensures the tower companies optimisation capabilities, which helps them to increase revenue through targeted activities and to reduce costs by identifying costs and revenue leakages.

The large amount of data when analysed efficiently help Towercos to achieve better business decisions and accelerate their digital transformation journey.

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