Digital Revolution in Grid Energy Management for Towercos and Telcos

One of the biggest areas of concern for Towercos and Telcos is having insufficient knowledge of how and where to reduce energy consumption. Turning to smart metering solutions that can collect and present data onto innovative IoT based energy tracking and management platforms can help companies gain a better insight at their consumptions and related expenses. By transforming digitally and automating grid energy management operation, they can enjoy a plethora of benefits like cost reductions, achieve accurate billing, improve outage management, speed up failure resolutions, eliminate estimated billing, and bring in more control.

smart grid energy management


Join us for our webinar on August 12th, 2020 to find out more about how an automated smart energy tracking, monitoring and management solution with smart meter integration can help you achieve operational excellence. We will delve deeper on unique turnkey solutions like Infozech’s Energy Tracking System to eliminate the challenges of grid energy management and the greater benefits Towercos and Telcos can enjoy with the transformation. 


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