Domain focus – People, Asset and Energy integration

People, Asset and Energy are the 3 key pillars of efficient tower operations. Energy data can be drawn from various input points, such as electricity boards, diesel suppliers, remote monitoring systems installed at sites and their field operations. But reconciling this data and extracting the relevant information is always an uphill task. The second challenge pertains to the kind of operational efficiency that assets should bring in, which often does not match up to the ideal due to various factors such as improper maintenance. This ultimately leads to higher consumption of energy and a higher opex. The third challenge relates to manpower and its efficient deployment. These three aspects need to be assessed in totality while aiming for tower operations and its optimization. The below model represents integration of people, asset and energy for improving productivity:

The key advantage of this approach is that energy expenses on account of tower operations could reduce by 5-10% and the monitoring of equipment’s could increase asset life by 10%. In addition, the improvement in operational efficiency through actionable intelligence is estimated to be 20%. Thus, the three components energy, asset and people, have to go hand in hand along with other processes for achieving energy optimization.


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