Grid billing simplified with smart grid energy management

Smart grid energy management solution for towercos

A vast majority of telecom tower companies still rely on manual energy bill data collection and maintaining this data in excel. Consequently, they face many challenges regularly which not only require them to do manual effort but at times, compromises the quality of the bill data. The lack of a digitized and automated energy management solution leads to increased paper bills present in multiple formats and languages thereby raising the number of errors as well as inaccuracies while uploading the data.


A digitized and automated grid energy management solution enables telcos and towercos to fetch data directly from the vendor system. The inbuilt configurable rules predefined in the smart system validates and overall improves the end-to-end time of bill receipt, loading, processing,  reconciliation as well as helps process payments faster. 

Figure: Current Scenario Grid Bill Approval Process


In our recent Webinar broadcast on August 12th, 2020 over ‘Smart Grid Energy Management: The core of Energy Optimization,’ we explained how innovative IoT enabled solutions like Infozech’s iTower are helping Towercos and Telcos around the world to automate and digitise the end to end process for grid energy bill management as well as become more energy-efficient and bring down energy costs. In case you missed attending our webinar, reach out to us at to receive the recording of the session. 


We are soon coming with another webinar in the series of energy management on ‘Significantly improve ROI: Intelligently manage secondary power sources at Telecom Tower sites.’ Please write to us if you would like us to take up and answer your queries in our next webinar.


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