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How to Gain Control of your Asset Eco System and Increase Productivity and Maximize Assets ROI?

Terms like asset reliability, risk & asset scalability, asset sustainability, return on investment and return on the asset are very common in the tower industry. However, it is important to have clear visibility in order to keep things in place.

Today, if you look at the picture, you will find that the tower industry is growing but at the same, it is becoming difficult to manage the number of assets they already have. With every rollout of technology, it is obvious that the number of assets will keep increasing. Now, the point is how to maintain each of the assets – especially when it comes to its insurance, warranty, AMC details. It’s challenging, but this can be achieved if right device independent platform and the right global product is there.

It is important to have complete knowledge of what assets one has in his/her company. Building the eco system around the assets is extremely important in order to gain control over what is already present.

Let’s look into the matter in this way –

With the industry growing big we all have seen how 4G rollout has helped the telecom industry achieve success. This is not the end, there are more to come. The next big thing everyone is focusing at is none other than the 5G rollout.

So, the Challenges the companies would face are as follows:

– With 5G approaching, the telecom operators might face challenges like:

  • How to support the function?
  • Where to place the assets?
  • Should there be any removal of the existing 2G assets and replace the same with 5G?
  • Or just put them in different possession in order to achieve the maximum utility? In other words what is the maximum capacity and where shall they put their 5G equipment?
  • It’s good that 5G asset will be here soon but it will be quite challenging for the telecom operators because they would be purchasing a lot of equipment. Now the question is will they be able to obtain the maximum utilisation out of those assets or not?
  • It’s about millions of assets and it will be difficult to maintain the assets manually. In that case there will be a requirement of a system or software to handle those huge data.
  • The telecom operators might sometimes not be aware of the assets they have purchased or whether the assets have ever been in use or whether the assets got wasted. They might also not be aware of the present location of the existing assets.
  • The operators might think of expanding the capacity. In that case they might look to upgrade to a new site or would require equipment, which would actually help in increasing the coverage.
  • In order to get accurate asset data that would support their decisions, would they need to buy a new inventory or not? Or can the existing inventory be reused that can save some operational cost of the company?
  • How will they know whether the asset worth of the company is true or not? The CFO or CEO might also be confused whether their fixed asset registered is correct or not or the assets are telling the right story?
  • How will they ensure whether there is minimal wastage in terms of assets and equipment? Other than investing in anything new can they reuse the ones lying in the inventory?

In reference to the above-mentioned challenges here are the iAsset Solutions as follows:

  • iAsset is known to provide a single platform for the entire asset data. Whenever a telecom operator’s team think about their asset data, they can easily login through the iAsset application and collect complete information about their assets.
  • With the help of iAsset, the asset movement could be traced and tracked than real time.
  • iAsset would help the organisation to physically verify their assets on the ground and perform a site audit to explore or identify the missing assets, the newfound assets and the existing diploid asset.
  • iAsset would also maintain each of the asset’s insurance, warranty and AMC details and would trigger an alert whenever either of these items is going to expire.
  • The kind of site asset visibility iAsset is offering would help you go ahead and check all the assets at the site level. Operators can easily find out the investment that they have made at every site from the iAsset application.

So, if tower operators are looking to manage their assets with the best in class global products then they must get in touch with Infozech and download the lightweight application – iAsset. It is device independent and as it can be hosted on the cloud, operators can stay assured of the safety and security of their data. As it is a single platform it will enable all the teams to have their asset data together. They could log in to the system and get most accurate and up-to-date information about their assets whenever required.


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