Infozech’s participation in ‘TowerXchange Asia Meetup 2015’

TowerXchange Meetups bring together 250+ business leaders representing the entire telecoms and broadcast infrastructure ecosystem. It engages with the passive (and active) infrastructure market along two axes. On a horizontal axis it fosters dialogue between MNOs, towers, investors and their advisers, accelerating to market investible, high quality telecoms infrastructure assets. On a vertical axis, the community examines the impact of tower transactions on the product and service supply chain, from turnkey installation and O&M subcontractors to energy equipment, monitoring and management and static asset manufacturers. TowerXchange annually organizes conference in three continents Asia, Africa and America.

Infozech attended last held ‘TowerXchange Asia Meetup 2015’ on 24-25th November 2015, which took place in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Infozech participated in the meetup as a delegate, exhibitor and round-table host. Ankur Lal, CEO of company and Michael Eric Lobo, COO of company were the part of this meetup in Singapore. Ankur Lal reemphasized Infozech focus on ‘Improving Profitability through Discipline of Action, leveraging Automation’.
The event saw participation of top management personnel from leading companies of tower industry like e.Co , Irrawaddy Green Towers , Apollo Towers, Indus Tower, ATC, SBA Communications and many more. Infozech feels very proud that it is working closely with some of these companies and is helping them to automate and improve their performance through the iTower product suite.

This Meetup was helpful to enhance our products and services and extend our footprints to the Asian continent.

Some of the key messages addressed during this meetup, are provided below:

• The key issues faced by tower companies during operation management
• How consolidated RMS data from various vendor ecosystem helps in effective decision making.
• What does the iTower suite consist of and how will it help customers to implement “Discipline of Action”?
• Role of Infozech in improving the profitability of the international tower industry.


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