International focus – African tower industry

According to GSMA analysis and estimates, Sub-Saharan Africa has a total of over 240,000 towers across countries providing mobile coverage to 70% of the region’s population. The size of the tower portfolio is expected to grow to over 325,000 towers by 2020.Towercos operate just 10% of South Africa’s estimated 22,288 telecom towers, making it the least penetrated of SSA’s attractive tower markets. Tower assets of the country are controlled by Africa’s ‘Big Four’; private equity backed Towercos Eaton Towers, Helios Towers Africa and IHS, plus publicly listed giant American Tower. Whilst the “Big Four” Towercos are immersed in the improvement of large towers and large tower portfolios in Africa’s larger countries, following are some gaps in the market for “middle market” Towercos (source: TowerXchange):

1. Acquisitions in smaller / higher risk markets with less established counterparts
2. Building low cost towers in locations where a second tenant might not be added for more than two years
3. Build-to-suit-centric Towercos in prime Towerco markets such as Nigeria and South Africa

Infozech extending its footprints to the African continent:

Infozech installed a booth in TowerXchange meetup Africa 2015 to address the critical business need of telecom tower sector in Africa. Infozech got the opportunity to discuss with CXO level team of telecom tower sector about their business operational challenges and how these problems can be resolved through iTower product suite of Infozech. Many telecom tower companies in Africa are still highly dependent on excel based system when it comes to real time decision making process. This excel based system are manual and less reliable for real time decision making process. Infozech’s iTower product suite can play a major role to address this issue through business process automation and improve the real time decision making process through monitoring, tracking and analyzing site related data. Infozech also participated in Africa Com 2015. This platform is chosen by 375+ of the world’s most innovative, forward-thinking telecom brands to showcase their solutions and services


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