iROC – Remote Operating Centre

Tower Operators require remote monitoring, control and management of tower operations at their sites throughout their lifecycle to get the maximum return on investment. iROC enables the customers to monitor various passive assets present on site through real time data capturing and reporting. The solution also monitors critical alarms and control parameters remotely while producing real time dashboards on a single platform.

Business Challenges:

1. Lack of single platform for monitoring
2. Single platform for aggregation various data streams ie Mobile , Manual ,Machine etc.
3. Efficient Uptime and SLA monitoring
4. Non Standardized data from sites
5. Delayed actions on critical issues
6. Hardware dependent single platform for monitoring

Key Benefits of iROC:

1. Optimization of equipment’s downtime & major repairs
2. Increased life expectancy of assets
3. Optimum utilization of maintenance workers
4. Vendor self-declaration on incidence and resolution
5. Multi data aggregation layer

Business Flow:

Data Capturing

The system follows an integrated approach for real-time data collection. Data is captured through following sources:
• Sensors equipped at remote sites
• Information received in the form of SMS
• API integrated with the system
• Manual import of data

Once the data has been captured at a single platform, it is then sent to a mediator layer called Data Aggregation and correlation layer for further data analysis.

Data Aggregation and Correlation

Data Aggregation and correlation layer acts as a mediator layer where the data captured from various sources are extracted. This data is then accumulated at the server. iROC parses the received data, applies business logics and follows a systematic process for data analysis and reporting. The structured data is then reflected on dashboards. The operators can validate and correlate the site status using the dashboards and reports.

Alarm & Data Management

In case of any malfunctioning at site, RTU/Sensors/RCU/Controller generates an alert. iROC application authenticates the alarm using the user id/password or community id present in the alarm. The alarm is categorizing as Critical/Major/Minor/informational based on the alarm configuration. Such identification of alarm enables right decision making for tower operations on time. For alarm communication purpose SNMP/TCP IP protocols is used. In order to acquire monitoring data from vendor’s server SNMP protocol is implemented but data can even be fetched directly from RTU/Sensors/RCU in that case TCP IP protocol is used.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring module helps to monitor and control sites from remote location. This solution ensures that costly downtimes are eradicated and improved service level by assuring timely detection of problem. The solution facilitates global cellular tower operators to achieve 99.9% uptime and diminished operational cost. This module presents latest information of equipment available on site, alarm detail of equipment, alarm detail of site, status of various parameters necessary to keep the site operational.


Infozech’s reporting module will help management teams to measure, monitor, and manage the overall performance of the sites. Following reports are available in iROC module:

• Map View Report
• Alarm Report
• Energy Consumption Report
• Site Down Report
• Site Availability Report
• Load consumption Report
• Battery Capacity Report
• Battery Backup Time
• Battery Discharge Cycle Report

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