Myanmar : Expanding footprints internationally

For the past six months, we are doing a research on opportunities in emerging countries. We found Myanmar, one of the growing markets for development in telecom sector. Myanmar is a green field telecom market with huge potential for growth. However it is presented with various infrastructure challenges including limited grid and power supply, poor transport etc. Power provision is very crucial for deploying and operating the mobile networks in a cost effective manner. To achieve cost effective network deployment in Myanmar, the MNO’s and Tower Companies are looking beyond diesel based solutions and are considering alternative energy efficient sources.

Infozech has always come up with innovative solutions through such learning’s, experiences and challenges faced by key stakeholders in the Tower Industry.

The journey of Infozech in telecom towers domain has further got strengthened by entering into the emerging markets, starting with the Myanmar

We believe, our success in the emerging market will set up a strong path for leading stakeholders in Telecom Industry.

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