Predictive Maintenance -Improve site uptime and save cost

The globe is reeling under the effects of the Novel Corona pandemic forcing businesses worldwide to shut their brick and mortar offices and adapt to remote operation. Even the Towercos and Telcos are experiencing unusual management challenges impacting equipment downtime and customer delight, pressing them to consider modifying their operational models. 


At a time like this, migrating towards data-enriched platforms armed with predictive analytics can help both these sectors to smoothly navigate through the business disruption caused by a tiny virus and significantly reduce the risk of failure. By switching to contemporary operation models equipped particularly with the functionality of predictive maintenance companies can monitor and fetch site data remotely. Not only it contributes to predicting equipment performance but also lowers unnecessary field visits by the workers unless it’s critical. 


The Tangible Benefits of Predictive Maintenance


By digitising and switching business operations from reactive to predictive maintenance Towercos and Telcos can prevent unexpected incidents from happening- a lesson learnt in this pandemic. The intelligent analytics predicts and schedules the maintenance activities beforehand guaranteeing higher network stability. In addition, the OPEX is also significantly cut down by allowing operators to interact with critical assets and monitor the asset health in real-time from a remote location. 


During these trying times, it’s the social responsibility of companies to keep physical well being of their resources as a topmost priority. The digital transformation of towercos and telcos will enable them to store the health and safety records of employees in a single repository while ensuring the field staff strictly follows the regulatory compliances. By investing in smart systems like Infozech’s iMaintain, the tower and telecom companies can leverage the advantage of QoS (Quality of Service) maintenance, prolonged asset and equipment life, constant site uptime and the security of resources (employee’s lives). 


The iMaintain module is highly reliable in collecting real-time site maintenance activity data and enabling the task force in efficiently tracking, monitoring and managing site maintenance schedules. The user-friendliness of the entire iTower product suite ensures that there are no interruptions or challenges faced by the operators or technicians hampering the overall productivity. 


With the deployment of a digital platform like this capable of predictive maintenance, the towercos and telcos can maintain their competitive edge and optimize operations better. The collection of real-time data supports quick reporting of live incidents (support in Incident Management) by raising a ticket at the earliest. When the ticket is raised, the technicians get immediately notified with estimated MTTR (Mean Time to resolve) and the proactive action reduces the risk of delay in incident resolution which otherwise could impact the SLA. An automated system with an underlying architecture of predictive maintenance after capturing accurate data in real-time will eliminate surprise breakdowns, safeguard the bottom line and support companies in SLA management.


The calculated benefits mentioned above summarize one thing- predictive maintenance future proofs businesses from unforeseen circumstances by reducing the likelihood of failure before their possibility of occurrence. This digital initiative ensures the equipment, assets and human resources are up and running and appropriate actions are taken in an optimal time to deliver higher customer delight.  

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