Smarter Grid Energy Tracking- Pay Only For Energy You Use

Remote grid energy management

In the previous blog, we talked about how the Towercos and Telcos are considering digital transformation to tackle challenges of grid theft, voltage fluctuations and manage grid energy better. The Tower and Telecom companies face multiple challenges in terms of grid energy management that increases their operating expenditure. 


Lack of consistent power from the electrical grid leads to operational leakages and so does delay in grid bill payments. With real-time energy tracking and monitoring solution tower operators can easily assess the anomalies and get them fixed instantly. The energy audits based on the data collected significantly helps in settling the differences and accelerate the turnaround time for bill approvals and payments.  

Reliable Grid Bill Validation and Auto Upload


In the absence of an automated energy tracking system tower companies have to deal with a huge number of hard copies of bills coming from thousands of sites in different languages as well as in different formats from the power vendors. They need manpower to manually enter these values into excel and then feed these values into their native system. Due to the manual nature of the work, bill generation becomes a time-consuming task further affecting the payment cycle. 


A smart grid energy tracking, monitoring and management solution automates and digitizes the entire process of grid billing reducing the chances of human error. It ensures bills are tracked, reconciled, payments are made timely and data is stored in a single repository eliminating the need for paperwork.


Automatic Approval Process to reduce Person Dependency


Vast majority of towercos have manual approval process for grid bills which is quite time-consuming. Data of the energy consumed by the total number sites in an area is copied from paper bills to the system via excel through manual entries. This paperwork undergoes numerous levels of approvals from one department to another before payments. As a result, the turnaround time for bill approval is quite high and in order to validate transactions, companies have to refer back to the big stack of paperwork.

Adapting to Green Power


Often diesel generators become the major source of energy for sites where grid power is not easily available. This puts great stress on the opex ,   by adopting green power alternatives as the primary or secondary source of power where it is abundantly available, tower companies can see huge savings. Large-scale financial investment is initially needed to adopt green power, but opex saving is significant over the years.    


How does Infozech help in achieving operational excellence?

Our system efficiently tackles the challenges of higher turnaround time on grid bill generation, approval and payment by automating the entire process. Companies looking to switch to green power adoption can effortlessly track and monitor green energy through our solution called iETS.


The periodically generated analytical reports help customers with actionable insights like determining budget and consumption forecasts, detect grid theft, maintain precise energy records and streamline grid operations.


There is a need for smart solutions which can empower Telcos and Towerco operators to stay updated with grid related information from any location. A centralized energy management solution is the need of the hour for companies to ensure uninterrupted power supply for avoiding downtime and improving the reliability and efficiency of grids with lowering opex.



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