Smarter Grid Energy Tracking- Tackle Grid Theft and Reduce Operating Expenditure, Remotely

Remote grid energy management

The rising power opex, energy wastage, as well as a growing need for reliability and security are a couple of reasons towercos and telcos are digitally transforming and adapting to flawless smarter grid energy management solutions. Challenges like receiving quality and consistent power from the electrical grid, real-time monitoring of the grid to detect operational leakages like grid theft and voltage fluctuations in absence of smart meters and RMS systems remain common across many cellular towers.


The situation is a lot under control in the megacities where grid power reliability is almost 99.9%. However, the remote sites here face outages. Often when the grid power drops, field engineers and technicians are seen struggling through crises to avoid downtime and the hefty penalties. They have to run the site on high-cost power alternatives until grid power is back which sometimes can take days. 


Grid Monitoring in real-time


Grid Theft is a serious challenge especially in remote sites of countries prone to vandalism. With little security and in the absence of a real-time tracking system no alerts are raised making it difficult to detect how much grid power is being stolen. 


As a tower company not having a smart meter or RMS system on site is a drawback because they cannot determine fluctuations, faults and the outages instantly. They are completely unaware to an extent, of the energy received at the site or the grid challenges like voltage fluctuation which leads to switching to diesel generators or backup power. 


Companies that are using smart energy tracking can remotely monitor various data points for the energy consumed over time and curb challenges like Grid Theft through system generated alerts. With analytical reports, they can easily study grid consumption anomalies.

How does Infozech help in achieving operational excellence?


Infozech’s Energy Tracking System- iETS a smart IoT based real-time energy tracking and monitoring solution is globally helping telecom tower sites to cut down on energy costs which occupy a large percentage of operating expenditure. By tracking and monitoring grid energy in real-time you can connect with the energy vendor and resolve the issue at the earliest. Energy management of cellular towers is more efficient, as well as profitable. 


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