Tower Billing

Mobile operators have thousands of tower sites spread across multiple geographies. Each of these sites has its own passive infrastructure setup and operation cost in terms of rent, location, power consumption, fuel used, equipment installed, etc.

Multiple operators share the same tower site for installation of their active equipment, and apportion the cost of operation between themselves. This monthly billing is handled by the company managing the site.

To calculate the monthly billing for each site, operators rely on manual processes, or billing systems from other industries that have been tweaked to cater to tower billing needs. Multiple teams have to be deployed in order to get the invoicing done on time. This is an expensive, time consuming and error prone process


Key Challenges

  • Peculiar environmental challenges and variable costs of tower sites
  • Complex processes for billing operators
  • Low reliability of process, and need for rigorous RA validation
  • Long billing cycle times leads to huge capital blocked for larger period
  • High turnaround time in handling change requests
  • Inability to generate selective bills and handle multiple invoice formats
  • Lack of flexibility to support different agreements with different operator even at same site





Passive Infrastructure sharing industry across the world is in the state of transition and is in under constant pressure to innovate and align with the ever changing business requirements. Tower billing is becoming more and more complex due to large number of parameters involved in the billing as well as due to lack of reliable data for the final settlement with operators.

iBill(Infozech’s Billing System) overcome these challenges and supports the ever evolving business needs by providing a robust application which ensures accurate billing & avoid revenue leakage.iBill is an all-in-one flexible billing system to cater to Energy and IP billing requirements. iBill has two core modules:

  • Energy Billing
  • IP Billing



  • Master Database
  • Customer Registration
  • MSA & Charge Configuration
  • Bill Generation
  • Approval Process & Dispute Management
  • Integration with External systems
  • Reporting & Analytics


Key Benefits

  • Automated and Accurate billing
  • Tracks recovery of Energy costs
  • Enables operation alignment and improving Co-ordination between Circles and Corporate
  • On time customer payments and invoice generation
  • Centralized availability of Billing Data
  • Configurable Billing Software
  • Customized Billing reports

iTower- Infozech’s Tower Management Product Suite

Monitoring and Managing Tower



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