Adopting digital twin for the win: Gaining better control on asset lifecycle

Digital twin for gaining better control on asset lifecycle

The concept of digital twin has been around since quite some time now,  however, it has gained attention in recent years as it offers better control to telecom and tower businesses, helping them to stay ahead of the curve.

A virtual model is created in the central repository to monitor, diagnose and predict the status of assets on sites which can detect possible dysfunctions. Thus, simplifying tower asset management, especially in remote areas and improving the response time for addressing asset-related issues.   

Addressing limited visibility on asset lifecycle


Traditionally, telecom and tower companies are constrained by lack of visibility of assets and they continuously try to track their return on assets. They are interested in monitoring their assets, the work each asset is doing, whether it is being overworked or under-utilized, the current location of the asset, the lifetime value of the asset etc.


As the list of deployed or stored assets for these companies is exhaustive and they are spread out across huge geographical areas, keeping track of assets and their condition is extremely challenging. The advanced modelling and prototyping available with a digital twin as well as the total inventory control will help digitally visualize and create a robust asset optimization strategy. As a result, the operational overhead will be reduced because of more control on the cost of repairs and replacement.


Digital Twin- The game changing technology!


The Telecom and Tower Companies are evolving and simultaneously digitizing and automating their entire operation. In the coming years, digital twin will be leveraged to attain complete visibility.


The IoT sensors at the telecom and tower sites will fetch data into a virtually identical model of the physical site, and generate real-time alerts in this digital twin. The field service management and operations personnel can closely monitor this data and generate insights from it preparing them better for potential emergency situations. 


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