COVID-19 Redefining Towercos and Telcos Transition to Digitization

Towerco and Telco transformation

The COVID 19 pandemic has hit hard and comes across as a harsh reality check for organisations globally in terms of being future-ready. Besides introducing plenty of business challenges it has also escalated the digital revolution in the tower and telecom industry binding together technology and humanity. The impact of the virus is such that these industries must consider metamorphosing from “Grass and Steel” to the world of the cloud if they want to taste future success. 


The telcos and towercos are already feeling the heat amid continuing uncertainty of resuming work in the same manner as it was pre-COVID. While many organisations in the worst affected countries have adopted to work from home policies or either suspended work until lockdown, unfortunately, this liberty can’t be enjoyed by the telcos or towercos. 


During this time, when people need to be hyper-connected in absence of face to face interactions, it’s more imperative than ever that the uptime is maintained and the connectivity isn’t impaired. The massive surge in consumption of data for work as well as leisure and the reign of the digital medium (voice & video calls) as the primary mode of communication is adding more pressure raising fear of outage to both these industries. The only way to ease pressure is by shifting from traditional work methods to conventional ones through digitization.


Ray of Light in Social Distancing


Infozech’s iTower suite digitizes and automates towercos and telcos operations allowing them to remotely monitor sites and assign the workforce to visit sites only when absolutely necessary. 


A leading Telco observed a 23 to 25 per cent cost reduction in operations through iTower’s deployment and the highly digitized process ensured process streamlining to manage field resources efficiently.


At this time, when the pandemic has already claimed more than 2.5 Lakhs lives worldwide this reduces putting valuable lives at risk. It also proves to be extremely profitable to the industry as this workforce can now be channelled towards more important tasks that require human intervention. Our solution helps tower companies to monitor sites efficiently through a single platform. Monitoring uptime and SLA is more convenient and less prone to complications. Whereas the preventive maintenance solution helps reduce costs in the long run and make more economical use of people working in the field.  


At a time when the economy is hanging by the cliff and organisations are dealing with big blows regarding finances, industries equipped with cloud-based solutions can remain financially competitive in the market. Automation and dependence on IoT can greatly help telecom and tower companies to keep expanding and thriving in the changing scenario. 


Besides, access to the vast pool of data with digitization will enable the companies to keep monetizing through the implementation of actionable insights predicted using data analytics and machine learning. iAnalytics from Infozech collects and analyses data to provide such meaningful operational insights and assists businesses to make more intelligent decisions. It conducts regular performance analysis and shares budget control reports, cost reports, battery report, preventive maintenance cost, and details report and enhances operational efficiency by 20%.



COVID 19 has brought to our attention how technology is evolving to make our life convenient, easier, and secure. If Telcos and Towercos are to conclude anything from the global impact of this virus, it should be how adapting to digitization can help them stay relevant in the future and minimize the shortfall in revenue due to latent reasons which can impact service performance.

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