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Energy Management – A must for growth of Tower Industry

Energy saving is the key focus area for tower industry. Unreliable power supply is one of the biggest challenges faced by the rapidly growing telecom tower industry in India. Currently, on average, 75 percent of the approximately 400,000 mobile towers in India face electrical grid outages in excess of 8 hours a day. Telecom tower operators currently use diesel generators, batteries, and a variety of power management equipment to address the demand-supply gap. The energy cost leads to network operating cost, affecting the profitability of the tower operators.

The telecom tower industry in India consumes over 5 billion litres of diesel annually making it the second largest consumer of diesel in the country which results in increasing the operating expense of a telecom company and inefficiencies in operations can lead to revenue losses. The 5 billion litres of diesel consumed emit 7.9 metric tons of CO2 annually making the over usage of diesel generators both an environmentally and economically unattractive solution.

Careful monitoring of fuel and power consumption can allow tower operators to identify inefficiencies related to energy management. Fast evolving analytical tools can collect fuel consumption data from multiple sites and develop an accurate picture of fuel consumption across sites. These tools also reveal when power usage patterns exceed estimates and chances of leaks or loss by thefts.

Infozech’s team has a lot of domain expertise and delivers the valuable business solutions that support energy management challenges faced by tower firms.

Our Solution Approach:
smart art

I-ETS helps the client to monitor its fuel supply and distribution, electricity usage, and sources of electricity through energy data records over mobile network. Infozech’s Energy Tracking Service (I-ETS) manages energy costs worth about 837.5 million US dollars across 150,000 towers in India. I-ETS was adjudged the most innovative product at The ET Telecom Award 2014.

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