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iBill – Energy and IP Billing Module

Passive Infrastructure sharing industry across the world is in the state of transition and is in under constant pressure to innovate and align with the ever changing business requirements. Tower billing is becoming more and more complex due to large number of parameters involved in the billing as well as due to lack of reliable data for the final settlement with operators. Infozech’s iBill module overcome these challenges and supports the ever evolving business needs by providing a robust application which ensures accurate billing & avoid revenue leakage.

Business Challenges:
1. Billing Dispute among TowerCos and Customers/Operators
2. Management of MSA with operators
3. Centralize availability of master data base
4. Complex approval process for invoices
5. Long billing cycles due to delay in payments

Key Benefits of iBill:
1. Ensuring Customer Delight by brining Operational Excellence
2. Aligning Internal & External Processes
3. On time customer payments and invoice generation
4. Tracks recovery of Energy costs
5. Generates accountability and transparency in billing
6. Easy integration with third party systems
7. Bringing operation alignment and improving Co-ordination between Circles and Corporate

Modules of iBill

1. Master database

This module will enable to capture the site asset data into a central repository, on the basis of which actual billing can be done.

2. Customer Registration

This module captures the customer details and manages the account details. This module also maintains the association of the MSA with the customer along with their effective dates.

3. MSA & Charge Association

This module allow the user to define the charges and create charge based on various parameters. This charge can be associated to MSA and slab.

4. Bill Generation

Billing Engine will calculate the billing amount for the customer based on the charges defined in the above module. Billing Engine will fetch the Master data and Consumption data from the database for the billing purpose and will create the customer-wise invoice for the selected billing period.

5. Approval Process & Dispute Management

iBill has a configurable approval process where the approval hierarchy can be defined for the invoice.
Normally, the Billing Account Manager generates the IP Bill and the Finance Manager approves the same before the final Invoice is sent to the customer. Similarly for energy billing, the Energy manager generates the bill, which is then followed by O&M head and Finance approval. Different statuses available invoice approval process are: Approve, Reject or mark a site as Disputed. Disputed sites are handled separately. Approving authority can also modify the billing fields and rates during approval.

6. Reports and Analytic

Various reports are available in the iBill which can be used to analyze the cost and revenue trends at Site, Region or Customer level. Some of the reports are:

• Invoice Summary Report
• Invoice Detail Report
• Cost tracking report
• Disputed Site Reports
• Exception Reports


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Infozech is an ISO 9001, 27001, and 20000 certified company. 



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