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Improve Asset Visibility and Control Revenue Leakages

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The asset list across Telecom and Tower companies is exhaustive as well as difficult to manage. Due to ineffective tracking and manual processes with no centralized database sees 10-15% assets unaccounted or underutilized across sites. Effective tracking, monitoring and managing assets is crucial for companies to not only reduce reconciliation efforts but also bring down unnecessary operational as well as capital expenses.

Watch this webinar to gain insights on how you can improve your asset tracking through digitisation and achieve your Capex and Opex goals.

1) Keeping track of all assets and their health is challenging. Digitization can improve asset visibility by transforming operational processes from people driven to data-driven.

2) Asset upgrades are increasing exponentially in the 5G revolution. With a digital twin, you can get a 360-degree view of site asset data and generate huge returns on assets.

3) With digital transformation your organization can observe 15-20% savings in Capex due to the prediction of asset procurement cycles as well as a 10-15% improvement of the total investment on return on assets.

4) Through real-time asset data availability Customer Billing Accuracy increases by almost 30%-35% and all the billing details can be accessed from a centralized repository.

1) How do Infozech’s solutions integrate with ERP and is it possible to institute corrective actions into ERP from the solution?

Infozech’s solutions have already been integrated with the ERP of some of our customers. We have been integrating with Oracle, SAP as well as others. Integration generally takes place through API and there are other ways of doing so, therefore; it is not a big challenge. The real challenge is to figure out how to enrich the data in ERP. This corrective action can take place through various primary keys which are set between the two systems.

2) Do you have a mobile application solution that can integrate with customer’s existing systems for empowering field teams and data enrichment?

Yes, we have a mobile application as we follow the mobile-first approach to design our solution. All the checklists, collected data as well as all the maintenance activities which get performed at the ground level are done through this mobile application. This can be seamlessly integrated with any of the legacy systems in order to enrich the data and helps in maintaining all the maintenance logs and histories for archival and retrieval.

3) You mentioned that OEM tags are not ideal, which tags do you recommend and can they be read by a mobile application?

OEM tags are not ideal as in that case you will have to interact or communicate back to the OEM to ensure all the tags are readable by the mobile application. Looking at the current scenario, the QR codes are the most preferred as these can be read by any basic smartphone making it a feasible solution.

4) How easy is it for this module to integrate with other internal asset tracking systems?

It is extremely easy and it is dependent on what kind of integration the user’s internal asset tracking system supports. It’s great if they have a microservice architecture that is based on APIs. If it’s something else through which we can integrate directly through databases or through other modes of integration then that is also possible. We can integrate with multiple third-party legacy systems like Ticket Management Systems, CRMs or ERPs.

5) Some components e.g electricals could be very minute in size than others due to their usage, in that case, tagging can be a challenge. What could be the solution for this?

Surely assets come in varying sizes ranging from minute assets to heavy assets and this is where the sizing capabilities of different asset tags like bar codes, QR codes come into picture. For some of the electrical components which are consumables like spare parts we generally see most of the companies reduce the size of QR codes and improve the accuracy with which the asset mobile application can read the tag. Infozech does the same and improves the accuracy of mobile applications so that whenever minute QR codes or minute spare parts are scanned, it gets read easily.

6) How easy can you manage the missing assets master plan ?

Our mobile application records both the active and passive assets and then a centralised master database is created. So we identify all the stranded assets, missing assets as well as missing data. Whatever data the customer has, we reconcile that data and create a master out of it. Once the master is captured, we take this master data to the sites for physical verification which helps in identifying what is missing, or which assets are additional and not captured in the data.


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