Monitoring and management of secondary power sources: Resolve dilemmas while lowering OPEX

A secondary backup power system is indispensable to keep a cell tower site up and running 24*7 in case grid situation is unreliable. With the expanding networks, the dependability on such power sources increases significantly to meet the site uptime SLAs. The ineffective monitoring and management of these power sources directly impacts the total monthly cash outflow and increases OPEX.

Secondary power source challenges which impact ROI

To find out how you can lower your OPEX towards secondary sources of power, without compromising on uptime and make business decisions to improve ROI, join us for our webinar on 9th September, 20. This time we will be taking you through the operational challenges frequently faced by telecom tower companies related to the backup power sources. With a special focus on benefits, one can enjoy by digitizing and automating the entire process of tracking, monitoring and power source maintenance.

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