TAWAL and Infozech Partner to Deliver Seamless Tower Operations

TAWAL selects Infozech as preferred technology partner

Delhi, February 16, 2020:  TAWAL, leading Saudi telecommunications Tower Company in the MENA region, has selected Infozech as its preferred technology partner for managing and streamlining operations of its tower sites in Saudi Arabia.

TAWAL required its IT architecture to support its business objectives and also allow flexibility in adapting to dynamic changes in its domain. Infozech’s iTower 4.0, cloud-based platform proved to be a perfect match as it seamlessly integrates with customers’ tower operations and ensures that the tower company has complete control, accessibility and visibility of their telecom sites.

Roping in Infozech is undoubtedly part of TAWAL’s long-term strategy and falls in sync with the TowerCo’s ambition to become an agile, digitized and efficient telecommunications provider.


Infozech’s CEO Ankur Lal said: “We are pleased to announce the beginning of such a significant partnership with TAWAL. Our 20 years of domain-level expertise helps us understand the customer’s exact needs and pain points. We deliver an easily consumable technology through cloud-based site management solutions that not only meet customer satisfaction, but delight them as well. We as an organization feel proud and privileged for being selected as a partner in growth by TAWAL.”

Eng. Mohammed Alhakbani, CEO of TAWAL said, “As wireless technologies are being developed – rollout of 5G, growth of IoT, the proliferation of smartphone –wireless has become one of the most exciting industries to work in in the Gulf region. Our partnership with Infozech will bring us a step closer to supporting our vision as we enable future technologies for our clients and play a pivotal role in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 digital transformation”.


Infozech’s iTower 4.0 – a single integrated platform – caters to all needs associated with managing telecom tower sites. Its comprehensive functionalities provide telecom tower companies with the ability to unlock hidden values between different operational processes, telecom assets, and resources. iTower 4.0 modules – iProject, iMaintain, iBill, iLease, iAsset, iTower, iROC, iETS, iAccess, iAnalytics – address business challenges associated with project & maintenance management, contract & AMP, lease & asset management, tower Billing, remote monitoring, energy tracking, access management and tower site analytics.

About TAWAL:

TAWAL is a leading Saudi ICT infrastructure company that offers state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure solutions to supply a growing industry. TAWAL is well-positioned to lead the next hi-tech transformation by offering the ideal answer to customers in search of a reliable and cost-efficient ICT infrastructure that would ensure optimal operations for their business. Currently, a key player in the Saudi telecommunications infrastructure industry, the company aspires to extend its coverage to embrace the whole region.

About Infozech:

Infozech is a leading telecom site management software company providing solutions focusing towards operational efficiency, cost optimization and revenue management for telecom service providers & infrastructure providers. Infozech manages over 100,000+ tower sites, tracking over 42 Million liters of fuel per year, reconciling bills worth $ 228 Million, reconciling 7.6 Million+ Assets for customers across multiple geographies. Infozech is headquartered in New Delhi, India.


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