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Use Cases of Digital Twin in Telecom and Tower Business

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In our interaction with the finance and operations department of different telecom and tower companies over the past number of years, we have observed that the challenges related to asset management are immense. There is a need to deploy asset intelligence for monitoring, maintaining and managing assets from remote locations in order to improve asset utilization.


In this webinar on “Use cases of Digital Twin in Telecom and Tower Business” we aim to help you understand how digital twin enables organisations with intelligent insights to proactively resolve asset-related issues and enhance asset management.

  • With 5G rollout and increased data demand, there is a requirement to constantly upgrade sites. The additional assets on sites are multiplying. A digital twin will help operators and tower companies plan their space optimally.

  • With digital twin, Telecom and Tower companies will get better visibility into their data. The intelligent insights driven from virtually monitoring data can help these companies analyse trends and manage sites proactively.


  • A digital twin can help your organisation to identify and mitigate risks, avoid any SLA breaches and improve operational processes.


  • Digital twin acts as a single source of truth for the various departments of telecom and tower companies enhancing overall productivity.


  • A digital twin can simulate an asset, process or the interworking of the whole system.

  • How Infozech’s iAsset solution is different from other existing asset management solutions in the market?


Infozech’s iAsset solution is designed to handle the complete life cycle of the assets with a mobile-first approach. All asset information is captured and updated from the field. It maintains the complete history of master and performance data of each asset to digitize the legacy systems with the right Information and generate valuable insights.


  • Is it possible to reconcile web-based GPS data into your system modules for trouble ticket tracking?


Our system has the capability of raising the trouble tickets automatically and then assigning them to the technicians associated with the site based on the GPS coordinates of the nearest technician. This technician can be tracked on the map with GPS coordinates (captured by Infozech’s mobile application) giving a real-time picture to TOC /NOC user. They can view the estimated time of arrival of the technician on-site and accordingly take a call.


  • Sometimes companies use different DBs for warehousing and inventory, do you consider data standardization service within the solution?


Yes, data standardization is one of the major functionalities. While we create a central repository of the data to be used by different departments, we do take care of data standardization.


  • Every month there is different energy consumption on a site. Can we analyse the reasons for it, for instance, if it is due to different data traffic across each month on specific sites?


It is possible to collect the real-time energy consumption data on the site at the DC level with the help of smart DC energy meters and then come up with the probable reasons for increased consumption which could either be increased traffic or the addition of some unidentified load on the site.


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